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What a Dastardly and Dishonest Act!

The home is a place of rest, recreation and relaxation. In any personal and private home, the occupants are entitled to feel and experience their legitimate tranquillity, peace, security and sanctuary. Even for the most downtrodden and underprivileged, their private abode, however simple and run-down, is their “refuge and palace” on earth.

It is, indeed, their place of privacy, safety and security!

All the occupants … the children, the youth, the adults, the elderly including the ill and the infirm should be free to live the feeling of being free, secure and safe. The shenanigans from the outside should never be allowed to interfere with their hard-earned “peace-and-safety-zone”.
The noble Deen of Islam has provided full protection and security to the households … by virtue of the honour and dignity of the individuals’ “Allah-given-rights”. No one has the right to infringe upon the private life of the residents of the home. Shariah is very strict when it comes to entering someone's house. The basic protocol is to obtain permission to enter, from some senior member of the household. If no permission is granted … no go!

So severe is the protocol for entering someone's house, that one is completely PROHIBITED to even peep into the home. Yes, even if it is one’s father’s house! In keeping with this firmness, it is totally taboo to PEEP into the house through the “key-hole”, “window” and even through an “open door”. Nabi Muhammad ﷺ strongly admonished the Ummah about three things which are impermissible. Inter alia, a person:-

1. Becoming the Imam of the congregation, and selfishly making dua
only for himself;

2. Looking/peeping into someone's house without their permission;

3. Who commits the above sin/s, has indeed transgressed (sinned);

4. Who is guilty of the above (2. and 3.), is also grossly dishonest to the inhabitants of that home; and 5. Who has a strong urge to relieve himself, should not engage in
Salaah until completing nature's call.

The beautiful Deen of Islam has greatly emphasised mutual respect for others, as well as their property. These glorious, rules of good-living, impeccable morals and the pristine Islamic ethos displayed by our beloved Nabi Muhammad ﷺ are indeed remarkable and unparalleled.

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