23 April 2021   10. Ramadhan 1442

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Mufti Zubair Bayat

The problem faced by some, in fact most Muslim Schools today, is the absence of a true Islamic atmosphere and spirit at these schools. As a result of this, pupils, the end-products of these schools, seem to lack the true and lasting Islamic values and the dynamism of a Mu'min when they leave the portals of the schools after spending almost 12 years of their lives there!

If Muslims schools are unable to prepare their students in the mould that is shaped by Allah, then they have 'failed' their students, even though they may produce a hundred percent pass rate! The first purpose of Muslim Schools must be to produce good Muslims and dynamic leaders for the Islamic society.

Q. Could you please guide us on the method of raising funds for Islamic projects in present times. Are activities such as fund-raising dinners, fun walks, etc. acceptable?

(Secular education without correct Islamic orientation and education, especially in a kufr educational institution is destructive to Imaan and Deen in the extreme. Generally the people that go through this system cannot escape the effects of this system. It is for this reason that our senior Ulama have always condemned this system of education, past andpresent. This is the ruling of two senior Ulama about this secular education)

For a successful existence on earth, all human beings are in dire need of guidance for every action and movement of their lives. A brief study of all the "isms" and religions of the world will reveal that Islam is the only system of life that has provided guidance for even the very basic and mundane actions of man's life on earth; guidance that other systems and religions have not even given the slightest thought.

Dear Parent

Education is a triangle. The triangle cannot be completed unless it has three sides or three corners. The three corner's of education are the teacher, the pupil and the parent. Take any one of these three away and education remains incomplete. Therefore, dear parents, do not underrate the important role you play in the education of your child. You are an important partner in the education of your child!

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