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Every human possesses positive and good qualities, as well as negative and evil qualities. The good qualities strongly attract a person towards our beloved Allah ﷻ. When such a relationship and attachment is fused between the creation and The Creator then the creation automatically stays away from following personal whims and desires.

A person afflicted with any calamity or difficulty should adhere to the following six points:

When the pen is finally put down and the final exam script collected… students can finally sigh with relief that exams are finally over!

The Noble Quran and Ahadeeth carry a distinctive message to the Muslims:

In the noble religion of Islam “the marriage” (“the nikāh”) is ONLY between a male and a female.

Who can deny the sanctity and greatness of the Mubarak city of Madinatul-Munawwarah? Our beloved Nabi Muhammad ﷺ emphatically praised the blessed lands of Madinatul-Munawwarah.

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