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From the Fatwa Department

Q: If a woman remarries after her husband passes away, is she still entitled to inherit from her deceased husband’s estate?

Q: A Muslim boy and girl committed zina (fornication) resulting in the girl falling pregnant. Both have realised the gravity of their error, and want to perform Nikah as soon as possible. Will the child to be from this relationship be legitimate?

Q: What is the ruling on working in a female only laser hair removal clinic, which includes removal of pubic hair?

Q: I recited some Surah or Qira’at after Surah Fatihah in the third Rakat of Maghrib? Do I make Sajdah Sahw for this?

Q: I missed my Jumuah Salah due to exams - do I need to pay any penalty?

Q: Is it permissible for a person to make Tawassul (make dua through an intermediary) like our Nabi (ﷺ), the Messengers, saints, martyrs and others?

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