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Taraweeh Summary

This summary covers the first one and a quarter Juzu of the Qur'ân, beginning with Sûrah Fâtiha and concluding with verse 176 of Sûrah Baqara.

Start of First Juz

Sûrah Fâtiha is usually referred to as Al Hamd Sharîf. Although this Sûrah was not the first Sûrah of the Qur'ân to be revealed, it is the first to be written in Qur'ânic manuscripts and the first to be recited when commencing recitation (Tilâwah) of the Qur'ân.

This summary of the second Tarawîh begins at the second quarter of the second Juz and concludes midway into the third Juz (at verse 18 of Sûrah Âl Imrân).

To a very large extent, Sûrah Baqara discusses the complete message of Islâm, dealing with matters such as the rights of Allâh, the rights of man, the method of living and the principles of social interaction. It also outlines laws pertaining to Salâh, Zakâh and Haj.

This summary, of the fourth Juz commences at the beginning of Sûrah Nisâ and concludes at the end of the fifth Juz (verse 147 of Sûrah Nisâ).

To avenge their defeat at Badr, the Mushrikîn of Makkah mustered large force to attack Madinah the following year. The two armies locked in combat near Mount Uhud.

This summary, of the fifth Tarawîh covers the entire sixth Juz.

One of the central themes of Sûrah Mâ'idah is that the laws of the Sharî'ah must be revered and upheld. In explaining this, the following injunctions have been highlighted:

This summary of the third Tarawîh commences at verse 18 of Sûrah Âl Imran and concludes at the end of Sûrah Âl Imrân.

Allâh speaks of Hadhrat Îsa Alayhis Salâm and his mother Hadhrat Maryam Radiallâhu anha. When she was placed in the care of Hadhrat Zakariyya Alayhis Salâm he noticed that she used to eat fruits that were not in season.

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