27 January 2021   13. Jumad-us-Thaani 1442

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Recitation of duas every morning and evening for guidance, protection and goodness is an established practice of Nabi r. Regular recitation of these Sunnah duas are a means of protection prosperity and spiritual progress.

Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: The most detestable of permissible acts is Talaq. Abu Dawood

Asharum Minal Fitrah- 10 Natural Characteristics of Humans

The Masjid is the best place on earth – it is the central place of worship for a Muslim. True faith, good character and obedience is learnt, developed and acquired in the Masjid. The Masjid is the centre for education, reformation and rehabilitation.

Human beings with a sense of conscience and humanity are deeply disturbed by the plague of racism that is threatening the future of the human race in our troubled world. Despite the many international conventions,

A democratic government ruled Burma (Rangoon). Many people from Gujarat and Surat resided there. They were involved in business and were settled there very well.



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