23 April 2021   10. Ramadhan 1442

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We have been encouraged in the Hadith to visit the graveyard, make dua for the inmates and take lesson of our own death and of the deception of this world and the eternal life of the hereafter.

Human beings with a sense of conscience and humanity are deeply disturbed by the plague of racism that is threatening the future of the human race in our troubled world. Despite the many international conventions, conferences and resolutions against racism as a violation of basic human rights, this ugly phenomenon stubbornly refuses to disappear.

Ta'ziyat conducted in the correct manner can help people to lighten the grief of losing someone dear to them

Iddat literally means to count. In Islam, iddat refers to a waiting period that a woman is obliged to observe in the event of her husband's demise or a divorce. She is required to stay within the confines of her home for a specified duration and cannot marry someone else in the iddat.

Recitation of duas every morning and evening for guidance, protection and goodness is an established practice of Nabi r. Regular recitation of these Sunnah duas are a means of protection prosperity and spiritual progress.

Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: The most detestable of permissible acts is Talaq. Abu Dawood



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