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Every human possesses positive and good qualities, as well as negative and evil qualities. The good qualities strongly attract a person towards our beloved Allah ﷻ. When such a relationship and attachment is fused between the creation and The Creator then the creation automatically stays away from following personal whims and desires.

A person afflicted with any calamity or difficulty should adhere to the following six points:

The Noble Quran and Ahadeeth carry a distinctive message to the Muslims:

Who can deny the sanctity and greatness of the Mubarak city of Madinatul-Munawwarah? Our beloved Nabi Muhammad ﷺ emphatically praised the blessed lands of Madinatul-Munawwarah.

The home is a place of rest, recreation and relaxation. In any personal and private home, the occupants are entitled to feel and experience their legitimate tranquillity, peace, security and sanctuary. Even for the most downtrodden and underprivileged, their private abode, however simple and run-down, is their “refuge and palace” on earth.

The year 1794 will forever remain inscribed in the collective Cape Muslim memory as the year in which the foundation was securely laid for the survival of Islam in a strange and alien land.

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