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The Darul Ihsan Guideline counselling team has recently kicked off support groups for revert Muslimahs in Phoenix and Congella. The support group initiative, aimed at empowering sisters to embrace their Islamic identity, has been well received thus far.

DURBAN: Applications for financial aid through the Darul Ihsan Bursary Fund (DIBF) are set to open in the coming weeks.

DURBAN: Darul Ihsan launched its first open fire empowerment course last Saturday (13 November) where participants were taught how to prepare a braai and the meat that goes with it.

DURBAN: In a ground breaking development, Darul Ihsan has opened the first charity shop in Overport, Durban this past week.

PIETERMARITZBURG: Darul Ihsan recently spent the day at Northdale Clinic in Pietermaritzburg where it executed its Feed-A-Patient programme to those attending an open day that was held at the medical facility.

DURBAN: Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre has helped establish three micro-libraries with an estimated 450 books at two Madrasahs.

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