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On Sunday 01 December 2019 the Relief Team of Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre - together with community volunteers - distributed over 200 hot-packed meals to residents of Quarry Road West Informal Settlement.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre’s “Build a Home” project supports families who are in desperate need of a dwelling where circumstances are such that would make it impossible for them to secure a suitable place for them to live.
A fire incident at an informal settlement in Cato Crest, Mayville - just after midnight on Friday 01 November 2019 - resulted in the tragic death of two residents and a resident who was hospitalised with third degree burns.

On Wednesday 23 October Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre hosted a ‘Ghusl & Kafn’ programme for thirty adult males at the Darul Uloom Khair in Ladysmith . The programme was coordinated with Maulana Yusuf Sader at the Darul Uloom.

The Southern African Ulama Forum (SAUF) held its 9th conference of Ulama at Crescent Hall, in Parlock, Durban on the 18, 19, 20 of October 2019.

In Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre’s ongoing community education drives, another ‘Ghusl and Kafan’ instruction class was held for ladies on Saturday, 19 October 2019 at Madrassah Khatijatul Kubra in Phoenix.
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