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Darul Ihsan ‘Patient Pack’

There are individuals in our community who are silently suffering the disastrous effects of acute social deprivation. Some of the maladies responsible for this adversity are:

• Poverty
• Joblessness
• Different types of illnesses
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Other mental health disorders

It is against this disturbing backdrop that the Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre has taken the initiative to assist in alleviating the pain and distress of those ill-fated. In order to address these issues, the ‘Patient Pack’ was created.
Alhamdulillah, the ‘Patient Pack’ forms an integral part of the many Sadaqa Janiya Projects on offer.

We hope the ‘Patient Pack’ will provide vital support to the “silently suffering” brothers and sisters of the Ummah.
It is meant to support individuals who are critically ill, hospitalised, frail and without any family support structure and are completely unable to utilise water to perform wudhu. Alhamdulillah, the ‘Patient Pack’ facilitates this important act of Ibadat by providing means of wudhu/tayammum for such individuals.

The basic ‘Patient Pack’ contains a pack of ‘Tayammum Blocks’ with an instruction leaflet. Included in this pack is also a Tasbīh, a Miswãk and two fanfolds offering guidelines to Muslims who are unable to perform normal wudhu.
‘Tayammum Blocks’ and bottled shifa-water are also available separately from the Darul Ihsan Offices, situated at GEM Towers in Overport, Durban. Insha Allah.

For more information, kindly call Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre (DHC) on 031 577 7868 or 081 403 8751.

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