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Senior Scholar of Hadith Graces Darul Ihsan Centre

Sea Cow Lake, Durban: Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre hosted well known scholar of Hadith, Hazrat Moulana Imdaadullah (DB) of Karachi for 2 days, on 13 and 14 May 2023. Moulana Imdaadullah is a senior lecturer of Hadith and teaches Muslim Shareef at the world-renowned institution Jamiah Islamiyyah, Newtown, Karachi. The institution was founded by Allamah Yusuf Binnori (Rahimahullah), a scholar of great repute in the

Muslim world. This Newtown locality name was later changed to Allamah Binnori Town, in memory of this great scholar of Islam.

Moulana Imdaadullah Saheb addressed a large gathering of Ulama of the KZN province on Sunday evening, 14 May 2023 after Maghrib Salah. Senior Ulama, Imams of Masajid, teachers and young Ulama attended the programme.

The programme commenced with a Qira'at by Qari Naeem Motala and poetry by Mufti Shafique Jakhura. The guest of honour, Moulana Imdaadullah was then introduced by Mufti Zubair Bayat, the Ameer and Director of Darul Ihsan Centre.

In his excellent discourse, Moulana reminded the Ulama of the need to carry out their duties and tasks and work with love, tolerance and understanding. He emphasised that no individual is indispensable, but Allah Ta'ala uses individuals for the service and guidance of mankind.

Moulana spoke about the importance of a teacher endearing students towards him through kindness and compassion and making effort on them.

He also emphasised the need for Shukr and gratitude in the service of Islam. Many other gems of wisdom were shared by our esteemed guest.

The talk was concluded with a dua by Moulana, and dinner was served to the honourable Ulama after the Esha Salah.

Moulana was given an overview of Darul Ihsan Centre and expressed happiness and satisfaction. He made a special dua for the success of the activities of Darul Ihsan Centre.

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