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Daughters of the Ummah hosts ‘Mu’min 101’ event for Young Muslimahs

This Saturday, 4 March 2023, the Daughters of the Ummah (DOU) group hosted a programme at Al-Falaah College for the Muslimah youth titled ‘Mu’min 101’.

Over 20 sisters between the ages 17-25 attended the youth initiative, which was a 2-hour long programme that aimed to give them the tips and tools necessary for navigating life post-matric.

The speakers demonstrated and explained the qualities of a believer, including the requirements, merits, as well as the demerits, such as the ongoing tests of this world. The girls were encouraged to succeed in the afterlife, which in turn, will ensure success in this world.

Tips were given to help structure one’s life around religious and student obligations, such as helpful advice on how to manage one’s time around salah, and creating a timetable to include relaxation, which are only two of the many examples that were provided. Furthermore, the sisters were reminded to consistently remember Allah in their student lives by means of keeping good company and mentorship.

The event closed with a talk by the emir of the Darul Ihsan Centre; Mufti Zubair Bayat; who encouraged the youth to continue being steadfast in Islam post-matric. He also offered uplifting advice and tips on how to approach one’s studies, and to constantly try one’s best.

A short Q&A followed thereafter, in which Mufti answered questions sent in by the attendees via WhatsApp. Refreshments were served thereafter, during which the girls were given a chance to network and share their own perspectives on student life with each other.

To quote Mufti Zubair Bayat in closing: “The compass of a Mu’min’s heart is always restless until it finds Allah.”

The Darul Ihsan Youth Initiative events are free to attend and can be accessed by prior arrangement via the Darul Ihsan Centre.

Contact the Darul Ihsan offices on 031 577 7868 for further information.

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