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'Where the wealthy are invited and poor are left out’

Sajdah (prostration) is the ultimate position of humility for a Believer. In Sajdah, the highest part of the human body, where the intellect resides, meets the ground. The position of Sajdah is the climax of Salah.

Name: Zayd bin Thabit bin Dahhak bin Zayd bin Amr Al Makhzoomi Al Ansari

To stand upright in Salah is known as Qiyam. Standing up is an obligatory posture of Salah without which the Salah is invalid, unless one cannot perform Salah standing, or is unable to make Sajdah on the ground.

With the rise of social media, materialism and consumerism, the world is gripped by a desire to have everything instantly. Constantly desiring what others have can lead to feelings of low self-esteem and depression, especially when one cannot have what others have.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Salam was an honourable Sahabi from the famous Jewish tribe Banu Qaynuqa. He is from the progeny of Nabi Yusuf bin Ya'qub (AS).

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