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Did You Know

Salah is the most important and profound Ibadah (worship) of a Muslim.

Sajdah (prostration) is the ultimate position of humility for a Believer. In Sajdah, the highest part of the human body, where the intellect resides, meets the ground. The position of Sajdah is the climax of Salah.

To stand upright in Salah is known as Qiyam. Standing up is an obligatory posture of Salah without which the Salah is invalid, unless one cannot perform Salah standing, or is unable to make Sajdah on the ground.

Hazrat Umm Habibah (RA) narrates that Nabi r said, 'Whoever performs 12 Rakats of Salah in the day excluding the Fardh Salah, Allah will build a house in Jannah for him or a house in Jannah will be built for him.' (Sahih Muslim)

Among the specifications of a Qurbani animal, is the age of the animal. Just as the animal must be from the category of animals permitted for Qurbani

In Islam, the body of a human being must be honoured and respected. This importance is derived from the Holy Qur’an wherein Almighty Allah says: “And verily we have honoured the children of Adam.” (Surah al-Isra, V.70)

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