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The white days of the month refer to the 13th, 14th and 15th of the Islamic month, when the moon is at its fullest and most luminous.

In Islam, the body of a human being must be honoured and respected. This importance is derived from the Holy Qur’an wherein Almighty Allah says: “And verily we have honoured the children of Adam.” (Surah al-Isra, V.70)

Participate in a Deeni discourse with the correct intention. The purpose of participating in a Deeni discourse is reformation and to acquire knowledge.

Name: Ubay bin Ka'b

Title: Abul Munzir, Abut Tufail, Sayyidul Ansar, Sayyidul Muslimeen

Seeking knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim and should be a lifelong occupation.

Among the various challenges facing civil society, illegal dumping has become a major concern in many areas. Some residents dump their refuse illegaly in a public space causing pollution and inconvenience to fellow neighbours and residents.

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