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'Where the wealthy are invited and poor are left out’

With the rise of social media, materialism and consumerism, the world is gripped by a desire to have everything instantly. Constantly desiring what others have can lead to feelings of low self-esteem and depression, especially when one cannot have what others have.

When Allah Ta'ala commanded Hazrat Moosa and Haroon (AS) to go to Fir'aun, He instructed them with the following; “Speak to him (Fir'aun) in a gentle (soft) manner, perhaps he will accept or he will fear (Allah).” (Surah Taha)

The following Qura’nic teachings advise Muslims on the importance of reconciliation: “Verily the believers are brothers, so reconcile between your brothers.” (Surah Hujarat – V 10)

Living in harmony is important for a stable society. The Noble Quran encourages believers to unite their ranks and work towards mutual harmony.

Participate in a Deeni discourse with the correct intention. The purpose of participating in a Deeni discourse is reformation and to acquire knowledge.

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