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Merits of Reconciliation

The following Qura’nic teachings advise Muslims on the importance of reconciliation: “Verily the believers are brothers, so reconcile between your brothers.” (Surah Hujarat – V 10)

“There is no good in most of their secret discussions (due to their sinful nature) except in him who enjoins charity, a good deed or reconciliation between people …” (Surah Nisa – V 114)

“So, fear Allah and correct your mutual relations …” (Surah Anfaal V.1)

When Muslim families, individuals or groups are locked in dispute, it is the responsibility of other Muslims to attempt to reconcile them. There is tremendous benefit and reward in bringing people together. When discord is allowed to fester, then it leads to hatred, enmity and many other evils. This in turn leads to people becoming reactive and even violent.

When there is disunity among families, future generations 'inherit' the hatred caused by such discord and this enmity then passes on to the next generation.

Hazrat Abu Darda t narrates that Nabi r asked the Sahabah y, “Should I not inform you of an action that is superior to (Nafl) Salah, (Nafl) fasting and (Nafl) charity?” The Sahabah y replied, “Surely, O Nabi r.” Nabi r replied, “Reconciling between two parties…” (Abu Dawood)

Note: Attempting to reconcile between two parties is considered to be superior to optional Salah, fasting and charity due to the exceptional benefits attributed to this action.

Let us work towards uniting people and avoid becoming a cause of discord and division.

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