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Darul Ihsan’s quarterly ‘Learner Development Programme’ was successfully held over the weekend -17 September 2022 – featuring the topic ‘Al Masjidul Aqsa and My Role in the Liberation’.

Darul Ihsan Centre’s ‘Feed a Pupil’ project has seen sustained success over the past decade. The project provides prepared sandwiches to hungry pupils at local state schools.

The Isipingo Beach Intermediate School extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Darul Ihsan Centre for its help and guidance with a school counsellor.

Alhamdullillah, with the grace of Allah Ta’ala, two viewing groups stationed at Masjid Yusuf, Parlock and New Germany, Reservoir Hills, scanned the skies for the moon of Muharram 1444. Maghrib Salah was performed at both venues by all the volunteers.

Port Elizabeth is presently in deep trouble with day zero a looming possibility.

The Welfare Department of Darul Ihsan spends a considerable amount of the monthly Zakat budget on assisting people with their grocery needs for the month. The assistance is rendered through grocery vouchers, monthly transfers, grocery hampers and general assistance.

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