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Be ‘smart’ with your smart phone

The smart phone has become a must have device - even children and the old have one. Whist it has it merits and benefits, most of its usage is frivolous and detrimental. Over engrossment with the device has brought a strain on marriages, families, relationships and drastically changed people's social behavior. There is a desperate lack of attention, respect and etiquette that has emerged due to pre occupation with a 'world' within one's phone. This has led to many becoming disconnected from the real world.

To ensure a balance in mobile use, a few basic disciplines are required:

Use the cellphone according to necessity. For many, it is the last thing they look at before sleeping and the first thing they look at upon awakening. There are more important things in life than your phone.

Discontinue its use in the Masjid by either switching it off or muting signals.

If engaged in a conversation or meeting, then seek permission before responding to your phone as the person you are with has a greater right over you than the one calling or messaging.

It is highly disrespectful to text/communicate whilst another person is talking to you. It is offensive to be occupied with one's phone in the presence of others be it family, friends, business or other.

Avoid using the cellphone unnecessarily while in the presence of a senior, such as your parent, elder, teacher or mentor. The same will apply when with one's wife and children. Spend quality time with them rather than chatting etc.

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