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Respect a Human Right!

One such value is respect. Showing respect and dignity to fellow humans assumes the loftiest position of social etiquette. Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has declared respect a salient hallmark of a Muslim. A hadith states, "Whoever does not show affection to the young and respect to the elderly is not one of us." (Tirmizi and Abu Dawood)

Nothing is more endearing than kind treatment and respect, while disrespect and unruliness are traits that easily lead to social rejection. It is evident in any field of life that individuals who respect their parents, teachers and seniors have excelled. Conversely, disrespect has brought misery and failure to many despite tremendous ability and potential.

Every person deserves respect, and one needs to show respect to be respected by others. So, be the first to smile, the first to greet, the first to fulfill your fellow human's basic right of respect and you shall earn your right to respect.

“You will be treated as you treat others” (Hadith-Baihaqi)

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