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Differing with Respect

Islam is a balanced and moderate way of life. Accordingly our Deen allows for academic differences of opinion regarding laws and rulings as long as these are within the required parameters. Such differences are praiseworthy and a form of blessing as they accommodate the different temperaments of people and creates ease and flexibility amongst them.

Unfortunately, due to intolerance and ignorance some make these differences the basis for disputes and quarrels and sow confusion in the ranks of the general Muslim public. They adopt a dogmatic, rigid and uncompromising position that causes tension and friction among Muslims. Some regard everyone else as deviated and regard only themselves to be correct and authentic.

In an even more dangerous approach, some boldly and publicly condemn other Ulama and scholars. This has served to further divide an already fragmented Ummah.

Every Muslim should endeavour to practice on Islam to the best of his ability and seek guidance from a reputable Alim or Mufti. If uncertain about a matter, refer to the scholars that one has confidence in, seek their guidance and practice upon it.

At no point should anyone feel that he is better or his opinion is more correct than that of others. This thinking is the result of pride which is a destructive malady that needs reformation. Avoid being judgmental of others as you are not aware of their circumstances. You will not be answerable about the actions of others but will be questioned about your own.

That we shall differ, is not the issue. The issue is, how we respond to a difference of opinion and what should be our relationship with someone of a different opinion.

May Allah Ta'ala make us from those who promote love, understanding and harmony.
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