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‘Don't go close to Zina'

A few moments of haram indulgence can result in a lifetime of regret and embarrassment.

Islam prohibits and condemns the act of zina in the strongest possible terms. Dire penalties are issued for those found guilty of zina.

Regrettably the vice of zina is rife in society and people at all levels are becoming entangled in this deceptive web. Many marriages are under severe strain and tension due to one partner being involved in zina or acts leading towards zina like flirting and intimate chat, etc. Many marriages have been ruined because of zina.

Allah Ta'ala has kept boundaries for males and females within which to live and interact. When these parameters are compromised, then it leads one into the territory of sin and vice – the trap of shaytan. Hence every person must guard that which Allah Ta'ala has deemed sacred. Protection of one's eyes, heart, mind, body and limbs should be in accordance with the law of Allah Ta'ala.

Allah Ta'ala says: "And do not go near zina. Verily it is a shameful and evil path."   (Surah Al Isra, Ayah 32)

In this verse we are cautioned from venturing anywhere near zina or anything that leads to it, since this shameful act does not come about in an instant, rather there is a gradual build-up of smaller actions that lead to the eventual sinful and shameful act. So before one can even reach the prohibited act itself, the doors to this sin are closed by the Qur'an.

In today's environment, avenues inviting one to zina are plenty and people are falling prey to these prohibitions. The entire media, movie, entertainment and music industry is designed to evoke one's base emotions and carnality towards zina. Therefore, all acts, no matter how subtle or small, which are complicit to zina should be completely avoided and shunned.

Always be on your guard!

The doors leading to zina may not seem so gross or repugnant as the act itself and could give the perpetrator a sense of innocence. However, this is precisely why Allah Ta'ala has asked us to refrain from going anywhere near it, very much like a person who ventures near the edge of a waterfall, the strength of the current will push him over the edge.

However, if anyone has fallen into committing this act (and may Allah save us), know that Allah is All Merciful and will forgive the sincere and remorseful.

May Allah Ta'ala protect us and our progeny from all immorality.

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