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The Flame of Infidelity

The rapid changes in social living and the rise of technology have catapulted this problem to an all new level. It is so much easier now to be lured into an enticing chat, view pornography in privacy, stumble over a provocative email or express your feelings with a fellow worker in your office through social platforms.

The reality is that infidelity is destructive and brings misery and heartbreak to the affected parties. It breeds insecurity and devastates long built relationships. For a Muslim, involvement in fornication and adultery is the worst form of depravity. It damages the Imaan and leaves one's faith teetering on a knife's edge.

Cases of infidelity and illicit affairs are encountered by the Darul Ihsan Centre (Social Department) on a regular basis. There seems to be a frightening trend among people to pander to their shahawaat (base desires). The slightest opportunity to indulge sways a person from chastity and purity to immorality and shame. It is astonishing to what length people will go to entertain the call of an illicit lover.

Muslims are urged to take heed of the following:

Do not venture anywhere near zina (promiscuity or fornication). This entails protecting all the limbs of the body including the heart and mind from filthy thoughts, actions and engagements.

Lower one's gaze in a deliberate and unapologetic manner. Let it be known that you are making a conscientious effort to do so.

Guard one's self, one's spouse and children from places of promiscuity, lewd literature and unsupervised usage of technology that could cause one to succumb to this dangerous scourge.

Make constant Dua for protection from all vices. “O Allah, purify my heart & keep my private organs chaste from sin”.

Darul Ihsan’s Social Dept. counsels people on social and marital matters. 

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