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Message of HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT & GLAD TIDINGS for bereaved families

Life and death are natural occurrences of human life. The demise of a beloved is a most painful experience. However, beyond the loss, there is great hope, reward and glad tidings for the Believers.

Death comes at its appointed time

Life is a valuable and precious Amanat (trust) from Allah Ta'ala. After all efforts that are undertaken to protect and preserve health, full trust must be placed in Allah Ta'ala as the sole Saviour and Protector. Death comes at its fixed time, despite every attempt at saving life. Allah Ta'ala does as He pleases according to His divine Wisdom and Decree.

Temporary separation

One great consolation that we have is that the separation of death is temporary. Allah Ta'ala will ultimately unite us with our family, relatives and the pious in the Hereafter. In Jannah (Paradise) there is no illness and no death. Jannah is a place of everlasting bliss and happiness.

Death brings new life

A person who has passed away is ushered into a new world of reality and bliss. The deceased person enjoys nourishment, pleasure and even meets and interacts with family and friends who have passed away. The deceased looks back at this world and finds it to be a narrow, dark and confined space in comparison to the new world of the Hereafter. When offered to return to the world, the person refuses. The deceased enters the care of the Creator and no one can care for us better than Allah Ta'ala.

Nurse grief with Dua and hope

Islam has permitted us to cry and grieve over the separation of a beloved. This should be accompanied with patience and hope for reward. It is mentioned in the Hadith that when a person recites Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioon at the time of difficulty, Allah Ta'ala blesses the person with the full reward of the loss each time one recites this verse. In one Hadith it is mentioned that when this verse is recited by the bereaved with patience, Allah Ta'ala builds a house called Baytul Hamd (House of Praise) for the reader. (Tirmizi)
Keep our deceased happy

When a person is alive, we are able to show our affection by caring for them in this world. Our relationship with the deceased does not cease with death - it takes a new form of benefit where the beloved now anticipates 'visits' and 'gifts' from the family members who are alive. These gifts are in the form of Isale Sawaab, doing optional good deeds and conveying reward to the deceased. Visit the gravesite of our deceased regularly and greet them. The deceased recognises the visitor and responds.

Recite Surah Yaseen Shareef and other verses of the Quran, Kalimah Tayyibah and make earnest dua of forgiveness for the deceased. Give regular charity on behalf of the deceased.
May Allah Ta'ala grant all our Marhoomeen complete forgiveness and Jannatul Firdous.

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