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Time to catch up and make amends

With the national lockdown having taken effect we are all at home and have plenty of time to think and reflect on our lives. Don’t do useless things within the confines of our homes, to merely pass the time and see this period through. For a Muslim it is a defining period for constructive rehabilitation and reformation. Some useful ideas are suggested here:

Missed Salah
Calculate all your missed Salah and start performing them. Continue with this till all are complete. If you do not have missed Salah to complete, then perform additional Nafl Salah to enhance your devotion to Salah.

Missed fasts
Calculate your missed fasts - Try to keep as many as possible before Ramadan. In Sha'ban it is meritorious to keep optional fasts for those who do not have missed fasts.

Calculate unpaid Zakah
Sit with a pen and paper and consider how you have calculated your Zakah - cross check it with an Alim and create a payment plan.

Set right financial dues
Think through this and assess whether you have cheated, deceived or usurped the wealth of anyone along the way. Make amends or create a plan for it.

Repair relationships
Many have severed parental relationships, others are at loggerheads with siblings, relatives, friends or neighbours. Now is the time to act - make that call, be humble and send a message or email, seeking forgiveness for the pleasure of Allah.

Start learning Qur'an
There is no better time to reignite your relationship with the Qur'an. Everyone's recitation needs improvement. Seek the guidance and help you need. Qur'an is a lifelong companion, in this world, in the grave and in the Hereafter.

Zikr & Dua
Evaluate the level of these 2 important spiritual exercises in your life - At whatever level of practice you are, there will always be room for improvement, in quality and quantity. Seek the guidance of a spiritual mentor and translate these days into something special.

Repair your relationship with your Creator and prepare for your meeting with Him with ongoing repentance, abundant Istighfaar and Dua for reformation and guidance - indeed Allah is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful.

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