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Guidelines for Masjids/Musallas and Imams/Trustees

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in South Africa, and directives from the President and Government, please take note of the following guidelines, which are interim measures due to the extraordinary situation. Kindly adhere strictly and do not be the means of harm to anyone.


1. Children below 10, the weak, elderly, unwell and individuals that are infected, or show symptoms of the virus, should not attend the Salah in congregation. Those who have recently travelled abroad or those who have had contact with those who travelled should not attend the congregation in the Masjid.

2. Perform wuzu at home as far as possible. Do NOT use communal Masjid towels, rather use disposable towels.

3. Limit physical and social interaction with people at the Masjid. Avoid shaking hands.

4. Carry your own prayer mat.

5.Sunnah and optional Salah should be performed at work/home.

6. Cover the nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing. Also avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.


1. Salah should be kept short.

2. All congregational programmes/lessons should be suspended, including big nights, etc.

3. Ablution area should be sanitised and disinfected regularly.

4. Towels, Jubbahs, spare hats, etc. should be removed.

5. Disposable towels & hand sanitisers at entrances should be provided.

6. Nikah ceremonies should be short (no bayan) and all should leave the masjid immediately. No greetings or hugging should take place in the Masjid.

7. Arrange wiping down of taps, door handles, surfaces, toilets, etc. with disinfectant.

Jumuah Salah
1. Adhere to all of the above guidelines.
2. No bayans. Khutbah and Salah should be short (few minutes).
3. Encourage Jumuah at other venues such as Musallas, halls, etc, to avoid large congregations.
4. Individual Masjids may require to adopt additional guidelines based on their own circumstances. This should be undertaken as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT: An earnest appeal is made to the entire Ummah to engage in excessive Taubah, Istighfaar, Durood, Salatul Hajah, Sadaqah and Dua. Seek forgiveness from anyone we may have harmed and return their rights. An ideal opportunity to put all affairs in order and prepare for our ultimate journey and destination.

NB. Further guidelines will be provided as developments occur, inshallah

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