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Recent data indicates that most of the areas that are affected have been constantly receiving less than average rainfall which will inevitably have a knock on effect on food prices and other basic necessities. Veld fires also increase due to dry conditions.

Dams, rivers and boreholes are drying up. Water authorities are alarmed and appealing to the public to save water. Muslims should use water sparingly and avoid wastage

Some measures that can be adopted by the Ummah:

1. Save water. Do not waste water. Lot of water is wasted during wudhu and showers. Only a fraction of the amount of water that is generally used for wudhu and bathing is required.
2. Avoid all forms of sins and vice, especially when committed openly and flagrantly.
3. Discharge Zakah correctly. One cause of drought is when a community does not discharge its Zakah correctly.
4. Abstain from oppression and withholding the rights of others as this causes drought.
5. Abundant Istighfar should be offered by everyone. All should engage in Dua, individually and collectively, begging Allah Ta'ala for rain.
6. Ulama and Imams should initiate Salatul Istisqa in the affected areas. “Method of Istisqa” can be found on Darul Ihsan website as a download

In the hadith we are cautioned about using water sparingly even at the bank of a river – certainly Allah Ta'ala does not love those who waste. May Allah Ta'ala send beneficial rain to our lands.

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