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Dear Parent

The academic year-end is a time when many learners plan for a 'party bash' to end the year in a celebratory mood. Haram & illicit entertainment – alcohol, drugs, sexual activities, etc. are the main attractions.

An innocent braai or party could be an occasion for alcohol and hard drugs like cocaine, etc. to be introduced, turning your son/daughter into a drug addict.

Drag racing and speeding on the roads at 'breakneck' speeds with a group of 'wild' friends – where the possible risk of an accident may claim lives or leave permanent injuries to your child.

Your child could be a victim of rape – since these parties are synonymous with sexual activities, many have fallen prey to rape and subsequent suicide

Parents are requested to please take responsibility. Communicate and interact positively with your child. Create good alternatives to occupy your child. Make regular dua for protection and success of your child.

May Allah protect our children and grant them steadfastness on Deen.

The Holiday Season – Allah is always watching

The holiday season is here. While on vacation, Muslims tend to become unmindful of their identity and duties towards Allah Ta'ala. Let's always be mindful of the following:

Uphold your Muslim identity at all times (dress code, behaviour, honesty etc.)

Be punctual with the five daily Salah – even on a journey

Guard against all forms of immodesty and shameless activities

Lower the gaze – especially in public places like malls, beaches, etc.

Be alert and conscious about the Halal status when eating-out or purchasing food

Road safety tips

Road users have rights and responsibilities towards each other. Muslims must display etiquette and courtesy on the road. Some tips to follow are:

1. Never text whilst driving – it's like driving blindfolded – Using a cellphone whilst driving is highly distractive

2. Be alert of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians

3. Keep safe driving distances

4. Take regular breaks and don't drive if tired

5. Ensure all passengers buckle up including babies in child safety seats

6. You are not the only one on the road. Respect other users, don't be hasty and give way where you can

7. Recite your travel duas, ayatul kursi and make zikr whilst driving

May Allah Ta'ala enable us to be steadfast and protect us from all harm and haram.

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