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Water - a Nimat!

The world cannot exist without this precious and priceless commodity.

“Allah has created every moving creature from water.” (An Nur: 45)

“And We have sent down purifying water from the sky.” (Al Furqan: 48)

“Say: Tell me, should your water vanish into the earth, who will bring you flowing water.” (Al Mulk: 30)

Many verses of the Noble Quran speak about the value and importance of water. It is predicted by some that in the near future wars will be fought over clean water as there will be world wide scarcity. Hence, it is very important to preserve water.

Islam teaches us not to waste water even at the shore of the ocean while doing Wuduh.

It is observed with great disappointment that people making Wuduh in the Masjid, open taps so much that water gushes out, and then spend long periods performing Wuduh despite the bold and conspicuous “Please do not Waste Water” signs everywhere.

We should exercise extreme caution and be very careful in using this exceptional Nimat of Allah Ta’ala both at home and in the Masjid.

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