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Watch out for the “Date”

The users are not confined to a particular class nor a particular field of work. It's basically an open forum inviting a cross section of people entertained on every topic possibly available.

The attractions lurking around the internet are many and enticing. The temptations are overwhelmingly seductive and ever captivating. One very dangerous and frightening invitation to the surfers of the net are the following pop-ups:

“ Muslim Love and Dating”

“ Date a Muslim”

Equally disturbing are the many pop-ups which, beneath the picture of a smiling daughter of the Ummah reads “Muslim Matrimonials” or “Muslim woman for marriage.” Have we stooped to such depths of immorality to fulfil a blessed Sunnah of Nabi r?

The saddest and most unfortunate part is that the above pop-ups and their like are openly advertised on the internet.

It is things of this very nature that cause innumerable social problems in the Ummah.

May Allah Ta'ala protect and safeguard us from the deception of Shaitaan and may He awaken us from the deep slumber which has engulfed us. Ameen

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