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3 Talaaqs - At one Go – Why?

The pronouncement of Three Talaaqs in one go has devastating consequences for the marriage as it renders the marriage totally void and prohibits any hope of conciliation.

Considering the fact that many a time Talaaq is given in the state of anger or upon demand the blurting of these three decisive words has far greater effects than the pronouncer intends or even understands. In fact, there is no need to traverse to such lengths by giving ‘Three Talaaqs’ and cause further injury to the wound.

Strangely for some reason, some also believe that issuing three Talaaqs is THE only way to effect Talaaq. Of course this is incorrect and once again reiterates the need for education.

Often when partners do face problems in marriage they fail to follow the proper avenues in place for dispute resolution.

Marriage is an Amanat - a sacred bondage and union between husband and wife. Deeply honour it and cherish it as it completes half of Iman.

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