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Qur’an on the mobile device

With the advancement of technology, life has become easier. There are apps for almost everything. The Noble Qur'an and other religious books are also freely downloadable. In principle, whilst it is permissible to access and use an electronic copy of the

Noble Qur'an, there are certain guidelines which need to be adhered to:

1. In respect of Qur'an recitation, it is always preferred and more rewarding to recite from the original Mushaf (physical copy).

2. Where a copy of the Qur'an is easily available then using an electronic version should be avoided. Reciting directly from the Qur'an carries many benefits which include looking at, touching, revering and loving the Noble Qur'an. Each of these aspects carries a spiritual benefit and enhances one's relationship with the Noble Qur'an.

3. When reciting from an electronic version, do not engage in any other activity on the phone, such as social media, emails, phone calls, etc.

4. The device should be held in an appropriate manner in line with the etiquette of recitation.

5. Wuzu is not necessary when handling a device containing an electronic version of the Qur'an, though it is preferred to have Wuzu when reciting the Qur'an.

6. If one does not possess Wuzu then avoid touching the screen while the Qur'an is being displayed. A stylus could be used to 'turn' pages.

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