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Stepping over people on the day of Jumuah

Muslims are required to attend the Jumuah prayers by virtue of the Quranic command, ‘hasten towards the remembrance of Allah’ found in Surah Jumuah. Significantly, the command is not to merely proceed towards the Jumuah Salah, but rather to hasten and proceed without any delay. Proceeding late for Jumuah Salah is against the spirit and ordinance of this command.

It is a common observation that there are those individuals who arrive late for Jumuah but wish to proceed to the front of the congregation. To achieve this they cross over the necks and shoulders of people already seated in the congregation. This act is incorrect and undesirable. If a person arrives late for Jumuah, he should not climb over the shoulders and necks of others to secure a place. Occupying the front rows of the Masjid is meritorious and one should arrive early to secure a place in front. The latecomer, should however take his place wherever he finds space and avoid causing inconvenience to fellow Musallees by climbing over people.

Abdullah ibn Busr (RA) says: "A man came (to the Masjid) and he was stepping over the necks of the people while the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) was delivering the Khutbah of Jumuah. The Prophet of Allah said to him: 'Sit down. You have harmed the people and have come late."       (Abu Dawood, Nasai, Ahmad)

To avoid losing the benefits of this great day, we should observe the etiquette of this day without causing any harm or inconvenience to others.

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