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Festive decorations for commercial advertising

Muslim businesses should distinguish themselves from the seasonal trends by avoiding these practices that have strong religious connotations and resemblance to others.

Instead of following others, Muslim businesses should develop their own themes and advertising strategies that are different and innovative. The market place is a highly competitive space and the one who can do things differently will stand out and attract consumer attention. This method could have better appeal with customers and clients who will view it as refreshing and more creative.

Historically we know that the Sahaba who migrated to the Islands of Indonesia went on the premise of business and trade. Through the promotion of Islamic business practices they were able to influence people there to Islam. Today Indonesia is the biggest Muslim population in the world, numbering 200 million.

Through the barakah and blessings of good business practice, adherence to Shariah compliant trading, honesty and good customer service, Muslims will succeed in their ventures despite economic challenges.

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