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From the Fatwa Department

Q: My question is regarding year-end gifts / season gifts. We receive different kinds of gifts from our suppliers. Some of them are just items of use and others are edible items. Some of them are clearly marked as season's greetings and others read happy new year, some read as year end greetings, etc. And some dont have anything written on it. Can we use/consume these items? What should we do if not allowed to use them?


Q: Is Bovine gelatine permissible for consumption?

February 2009

Q: Are the following activities acceptable in Islam -  skydiving , parachuting , mountain climbing ?

February 2009

Q: Which one is more close to Sunnah shaving the moustache with a razor or trimming it with scissors or trimmer?

February 2009

Q: Could you please guide us on the method of raising funds for Islamic projects in present times. Are activities such as fund-raising dinners, fun walks, etc. acceptable?

Q: I would appreciate if you could explain me in detail about neck-tie. Is it permissible? If not, why not?

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