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Some people say it's better to give money to poor instead of performing Hajj. is this correct?

Q: Some people say it's better to give money to poor instead of performing Hajj. They don't go to Hajj by showing this logic
that there are many poor around and they prefer to give money to them. Is that allowed?



A: When Hajj is Fardh upon an individual then Hajj has to be performed irrespective of the virtue of assisting the poor with optional charity. With regards to Nafl Hajj then though there may be numerous rewards and benefits for this Nafl act like it is virtuous and rewarding to give optional charity, the better and more preferred act would be according to the need and necessity of the time. If one's near and dear one's or neighbours are in a pitiable condition and people around you are dying of famine and starvation then the need is to spend one's wealth on them rather than making nafl Hajj.

This need will also defer from person to person. Sometimes some people go as guides or as assistants to enable those undertaking the fardh hajj to undertake it with ease etc. Some go for proxy Hajj on behalf of a deceased or person who is ill.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
Was Salaam

Shafiq Jakhura (Mufti)                  M.D. Mangera (Mufti)                                  
Fatwa Dept.                                      Fatwa Dept.

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