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Visiting the sick

Virtues Etiquette Duas

It is Sunnah to visit the sick. Visiting the sick is highly rewarding, helps one to reflect and reminds us that good health is indeed a great bounty and gift from Allah Ta'ala for which we must be grateful.


“Visit the sick, feed the hungry and free the one who is imprisoned (unjustly).” (Bukhari)

“When the Muslim visits his (sick) Muslim brother, he is harvesting the fruits of Paradise until he returns.”  (Muslim)

“When a Muslim visits his sick brother in the morning, 70 000 Angels make Dua for his forgiveness till the evening. And when he visits him in the evening, 70 000 Angels make Dua for his forgiveness till the morning.” (Tirmizi)

“Allah will say to a person on the Day of Judgment: 'O son of Adam! I was sick and you did not visit Me!' So the person will reply: 'O my Lord! How could I have visited You, while You are the Lord of the worlds?' So He will say: 'Did you not know that my servant (so and so) was sick, yet you did not visit him? Did you not know that if you had visited him, you would have found Me with him?” (Muslim)

“Whoever visits the sick a caller calls out from the sky, "You are blessed, your walking is blessed and you have prepared an abode in Jannah.”   (Ibn Majah)


Short visit - "Make your visits short, people will love you more." (Al-Hakim) - Be mindful of the patient’s condition, rest and other visitors.

Give hope - "If you visit a sick person, then try to put him at ease by giving him hope (of prolonged life), for it does not change anything, but comforts him." (Ibn Majah & Tirmizi)

Make encouraging remarks and give hope of speedy recovery and prolonged life.

Request Duas - "If you enter upon a sick person, then ask him to supplicate for you, for his supplication is like the supplications of the angels."  (Ibn Majah)

Comfort and care - One may gently stroke the sick person with the right hand and recite the relevant duas. The best gift for the sick is to give duas.

Choose an appropriate time to visit. Perhaps phone first to inquire about an appropriate time.

A close friend may stay with the sick person longer than recommended if the sick person is comfortable with this.

Do not probe details about the sickness. It maybe sensitive in nature.

Do not cause disturbance and congestion at the hospitals or clinics when visiting a sick person. Be considerate of other patients and visitors.

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