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Covid-19 - Taraweeh Guidelines - Ramadan 1441

Since the lockdown in South Africa has been extended to 30 April, it is inevitable that a few days of Ramadan will be spent under lockdown. There is also a possibility that the lockdown may be extended beyond this period. This will necessitate the performance of Taraweeh Salah at home, like how the five daily Salah are being performed at present. It is the heartfelt desire of every Muslim to return to the Masjid as soon as possible, however these are circumstances beyond our control. We continue to pray and hope that we return to normality as soon as possible.

Status of Taraweeh in Islam

Taraweeh is Sunnah Muakkadah (emphasised Sunnah) for adult males and females in Ramadan. Taraweeh Salah consists of twenty Rakats. Performing it in congregation is preferred. ________________________________________

Forsaking Taraweeh without a valid excuse

A person may be excused from Taraweeh due to a valid reason e.g. sickness, travel, etc. However, to deliberately forego the Taraweeh without a valid reason is reprehensible.

There is no qaza for missing Taraweeh once the time has expired.

Method of Taraweeh

  1. The time for Taraweeh is after the Fardh and Sunnah Salah of Isha.
  2. The Sunnah method is for Taraweeh to be performed in sets of two Rakats.
  3. It is preferable to renew the intention at the beginning of every two Rakats of Taraweeh, although one intention at the beginning of Taraweeh will suffice.
  4. There should be a short pause after every 4 rakats (Tarweehah) in which one could make any zikr.
  5. At the end of the Taraweeh Salah i.e. after 20 Rakats, a short dua can be made.
  6. Thereafter the Witr Salah should be performed.

Witr Salah

The Witr Salah should also be performed in congregation after the completion of the Taraweeh Salah. The Salah will be performed as normal. However, in the third Rakat, before going into Ruku, Takbeer will be recited, hands will be raised and tied, and Qunoot of Witr will be recited silently. Thereafter, the Salah will be completed as usual.

Number of Rakats

Twenty Rakats Taraweeh was performed by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), the Sahabah RA and the followers of all 4 schools of jurisprudence and the Ummah all over the world, over the last 14 hundred years.

Completing the Quran in Taraweeh

It is Sunnah to complete the recitation of the entire Quran at least once in Taraweeh. The Rakats should be of equal length and the Imam should recite at a moderate pace for the ease of the congregation.

If a Hafiz makes numerous errors in recitation and there is no one at home who can correct him, then he should only recite what is manageable.

If there is no Hafiz available, then the last ten Surahs of the Quran maybe recited in the first ten Rakats and repeated in the second ten. Alternatively, any portion of the Quran maybe recited.

One should not look into the Quran or any device whilst performing Taraweeh.

Imamat of one who has not attained puberty

It is impermissible to appoint one who has not attained buloogh (puberty) to lead adults in Taraweeh or any other Salah.

Taraweeh after Lockdown

The above rulings relate to Taraweeh during lockdown. After lockdown, if the situation permits, then Taraweeh Salah should be performed in the Masjid, abiding fully by the required regulations as well as the necessary precautions.

NB. Due to the constant reviewing of the situation by the government, these guidelines may need to be adjusted accordingly. 17/4/2020

And Allah Knows Best
Darul Ihsan Fatwa Department

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