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Reciting a Surah after Surah Fatihah in third or fourth Rakat of Fardh Salah

Q: I recited some Surah or Qira’at after Surah Fatihah in the third Rakat of Maghrib? Do I make Sajdah Sahw for this?

A: Qira’at should not be recited after Surah Fatihah in the third or fourth Rakats of any Fardh Salah. If Qira’at is recited it does not necessitate Sajdah Sahw. Sajdah Sahw refers to making 2 additional Sajdahs after Tashahud in the last sitting before Salam, as a correction for any serious errors in the Salah.

And Allah Knows Best
Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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