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Missing Jumuah Salah due to exams

Q: I missed my Jumuah Salah due to exams - do I need to pay any penalty?

 A: One should not forego the Jumuah Salah unless there is a valid Shar’i reason for doing so, e.g. illness that prevents one from attending the Jumuah Salah. Missing Jumuah due to exams is generally not a valid excuse. Prior arrangements should be made to postpone the exam or have it scheduled at a more suitable time.

However, if there is absolutely no option to perform the Jumuah with the main Jama’ah, then Muslim students writing that exam may convene to perform Jumuah Salah by following all the requirements. In the unfortunate circumstance where Jumuah Salah was missed, Zuhr Salah should be performed as Qaza. There is no need to pay any penalty. One should, however, make sincere Taubah and abundant Istighfar for this error and firmly resolve not to do so this in future. Some charity may also be given.

And Allah Knows Best
Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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