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How many people are required for Janazah Salah

Q: How many people are required to perform the Janazah Salah?

A: Performing Janazah Salah in Jamaat is not a condition for the validity of the Janazah Salah. Hence, if only one person performs the Janazah Salah on the deceased, the Fardh obligation will be fulfilled.

However, there is more benefit for the deceased in the case where the Janazah Salah is performed in congregation. The reason is that a group of people collectively supplicating to Allah for the forgiveness of the deceased is certainly a greater means of attracting the mercy of Allah as compared to an individual. Even if the number of people performing the Janazah Salaah are a few it would be preferable that they be arranged in an odd number of rows.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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