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Using Azan, Zikr etc as a ring tone

Q: What is the ruling with regards to using the verse of the Quran, the Azan, Zikr, etc. as a ring tone on the mobile phone?

A: The purpose of the ring tone on a phone is to alert one to an incoming call. The ringtone should be for this purpose - to alert and notify one of the person calling. To utilise the sanctified name of Allah and similar wording for a ringtone is inappropriate and tantamount to disrespect. The recitation and words of Quran and other sanctified words have a prescribed etiquette.

Using these words as a ringtone violates their sanctity and is a form of disrespect to Allah Ta’ala and the salient symbols of Islam. The Jurists have forbidden the use of the sacred words and symbols for purposes other than worship and what is related to it. The respect of the Qur’an and sanctity of the symbols of Islam must always be upheld in the highest regard. Allah Ta’ala says “And whosoever honours the salient symbols of Allah, then surely this is due to the piety of the hearts.” (Surah Hajj – Verse 32)

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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