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What can we as Muslims do for the Muslims of Rohingya/Burma?

Q: What can we as Muslims do for the Muslims of Rohingya/Burma?
Also what actions must we as Muslims on South Africa do to save ourselves from being in the same predicament.
Kindly advise

A: Kindly find below answer to a similar question received.

There are various forms of assistance. The most important is shunning sins and making Dua for the entire Ummah, especially those that are witnessing these inhumane atrocities and oppression. May Allah Ta'ala alleviate their suffering and protect them. Then whatever financial assistance we can render even if it is a few Rands. Even a poor person can contribute a few Rands. Compared to the tyranny and oppression that these people have suffered and their current state of destitution and poverty it is difficult for us to comprehend, let alone compare them with other poor people. They do not have shelter, food nor clothing. There are approximately 500 000 of them living in extremely difficult conditions. May Allah Ta'ala protect them and provide for them from his unlimited treasures. Remember Allah Ta'ala does not need us rather we it will be our good fortune for serving and assisting the creation of Allah. Their only crime is that they are the reciters of the Kalimah and are Muslims.

We here in South Africa need to do the following;

1. Stop disobedience of Allah in all forms to the best of our ability.

2. Enhance all our Dawah activities

3. Immediately put an end to our heedlessness in our functions and spending. Lavishness and extravagance should be abandoned in our weddings, functions etc.

4. Inculcate a life of simplicity.

5. Share with others from what Allah Ta'ala has blessed us with.

6. Each Muslim should be a flag bearer for his community. How can a Muslim pass the night in peace if people in his neighborhood and vicinity are in abject poverty and hungry?

7. Turn to Allah Ta'ala in repentance and seek forgiveness as much as possible.

8. Respect and honour people not because of their wealth or status but because they are the creation of Allah.

The are many other things that can be said, but these are just a few that we could mention for now. We advise that you refer to your local senior experienced Alim and follow his advice.

May Allah Ta'ala protect from all forms of evil, injustice and oppression. May Allah Ta'ala allow us to mend our ways.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept

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