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Is Tawassul permissible?

Q: Is it permissible for a person to make Tawassul (make dua through an intermediary) like our Nabi (ﷺ), the Messengers, saints, martyrs and others?

A: It is permissible to make Tawassul through the intermediary of the pious servants of Allah Ta’ala. One may say: “O Allah! I make Tawassul (ask of You through such and such a person), so that You accept my Dua and fulfil my need. (Al Muhannad Alal Mufannad – also see Fatawa Mahmoodiyah Vol.3 Pg.144). Note that dua is made to Allah Ta’ala directly and the concept of Tawassul is to enhance one’s dua by drawing from the blessings of the accepted servants.

And Allah Knows Best
Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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