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Social Media & Your Mental Health

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Human beings have basic needs that are essential for survival: food, water, shelter, clothing etc. In addition, as social beings, we also need connection, social interaction and companionship. With social media, we are able to foster this connection we so desire; but at what cost?

The captivation provided by the digital age we live in has reshaped our world and the very lives we lead. Whilst social media helps us achieve connectedness (to some degree), the negative effects it can have and is having on our mental health and well-being is worrying.


'Mental health' is a term widely used both online and offline. It is, by no means, a new term, but is more widely conversed about now than ever before.

The combination of psychological, social and environmental factors is what shapes your mental health, and social media has the potential to either foster this, or disrupt it. Whilst poor mental health does not necessarily indicate low Iman, it is evident that when we care for our mental health, it has a profound impact on our faith.

Your mental health is not just important, it is integral to your quality of life and your faith. Allah Ta'ala has entrusted our bodies, hearts, and minds to us to care for in this limited life. Thus, we are responsible for our mental health, and we must understand the consequences when it is compromised.


  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Networking
  • Raising awareness on key issues
  • Sharing helpful and topical advices
  • Serving as an outlet for creativity and platform for inspiration
  • Contains spaces for learning, growth and development (academically and otherwise)


  • Distraction from Deen, obligations, academics, work and family life
  • Can cause feelings of isolation/loneliness
  • Subconscious social comparison with others
  • Can lower self-esteem/self-worth
  • Can be easily misused
  • Danger of misinformation/deception
  • Easy access to immoral and impermissible content


If you are a frequent social media user, ask yourself whether you feel your relationship with social media is one that is healthy and beneficial to your well-being. Engage in a little introspection and truly consider the following:

  • 'Does social media bring me real joy and happiness?'
  • 'Do I engage in gossip or slander online?'
  • 'Does my social media usage make me a better person?
  • 'Am I truly connecting with people?'
  • 'Am I distracted with online thoughts?'
  • 'Is my social media usage affecting my daily Ibadah and productivity?'

Allah Ta'ala has gifted us with intellect that should guide us to discern between right and wrong. Social media inevitably encounters significant grey areas, and is ever-changing. We still, however, have a responsibility toward curating our social media carefully, and paying attention to the warning signs.

You may be at risk if you resonate with the following:

  • You spend more time on social media than in reality
  • You find yourself comparing your life to others
  • You engage in, or are a victim of cyberbullying
  • Your social media usage affects your daily functionality (sleep, concentration, etc.)


How you make use of your digital spaces can affect your life satisfaction, emotional well-being, perceived quality of life and even your sense of community. There are many tips to help you manage your social media usage better, from monitoring screen time and disabling notifications, to digital detoxes and practicing moderation.

No number of interventions are enough if you do not have a strong 'Why'. Why is it important for you to make healthier changes? Answering this will help you uncover what your real motivation and intentions are. When we are motivated to make considerable efforts in our lives for the Pleasure of Almighty Allah, this paves the path toward consistent and effective positive change.

In spite of everything- the good, bad, ugly and in-between of social media, one thing that is certain is that the online world can never replace reality, which is where we truly connect to our Creator, and to one another.

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