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Darul Ihsan Guideline Counselling Service

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GUIDELINE is an Islamic counselling service offering free and confidential counselling, support and guidance to individuals facing many of the various social problems within our communities.

As a helpline, GUIDELINE provides tele-counselling services that can be easily accessed by those in need of help.

GUIDELINE also conducts therapeutic intervention in the form of in-person, family and online counselling.

Counselling is undertaken collaboratively between mental health professionals, trained volunteers and the Ulama.

The team at GUIDELINE also serve to educate communities and destigmatise mental health matters through community outreach programmes, learner-support initiatives, enrichment programmes, awareness campaigns and volunteer training.

At its core, GUIDELINE exists to enhance the lives of individuals and families who struggle with life's many challenges, whilst adopting an approach strongly centred within Islamic principles.

GUIDELINE counselling services are highly confidential and aim to protect the integrity of all individuals seeking help, treating this as an Amanah.


The range of social issues afflicting the Muslim community is unprecedented. Our society is grappling with growing mental health challenges, marital issues, family issues, violence and abuse, substance abuse, depression, suicide, trauma and bereavement. These are just a few of the many concerns affecting our communities and society at large.

The strength and stability of the Ummah lies in the strength and stability of the individuals who make up the Ummah. Thus, GUIDELINE seeks to help strengthen our family units in facing and eliminating these problems.


The counselling services offered by GUIDELINE undertake an integrated point of view, rooted in understanding the spiritual and psychosocial needs of individuals. This approach of Islamic counselling is designed to nurture growth and problem-solving through promoting principles of Deen.

All counselling is undertaken from an Islamic perspective. Through utilising psychosocial theories and practices in counselling, we are able to incorporate and prioritise Islamic teachings as a way of life. By doing so, we can assist the Muslim Ummah holistically and encourage the beautiful teachings of Islam which are generally unfound in mainstream counselling.

Counselling in Islam has been present for centuries, and can be dated back to our beloved Nabi Muhammad r, who listened and provided guidance in an empathetic, non-judgemental, compassionate and respectful manner.

GUIDELINE adopts the Sunnah philosophy of empathy, impartiality and respect. Despite the teachings of our beautiful Deen regarding non-judgement of others and their actions, our communities still display judgemental attitudes.

GUIDELINE affirms that it is our responsibility, not just as professionals but as striving Muslims, to help our community rehabilitate from these wounds.

We acknowledge the great need for counselling services in the Muslim community as many individuals and families are unaware of the benefits of receiving such services. Our community is generally unsure of who to turn to when dealing with distressing situations, which eventually manifests in poor decision-making and an inability to cope. Seeking Islamic counselling can help one attain the best of both worlds, i.e. psychosocial support and spiritual upliftment.

Islam's approach to dealing with life's difficulties contains a multitude of wisdom. Thus, counselling underpinned by Islamic teachings can help the couple struggling with marital difficulties, the family dealing with conflict, the student being bullied and the countless individuals facing mental health issues, substance abuse, trauma and other crises.

The counselling services provided by GUIDELINE are entry level and guidance-based. Referrals are offered if deemed necessary.


GUIDELINE seeks to serve all individuals within the Muslim community who face difficulties in their personal lives or within their family units.

GUIDELINE also aims to educate and empower people from all walks of life through our enrichment programmes and community support initiatives.

All matters are dealt with in an impartial, confidential and non-judgemental manner.

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