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Secure Our Future


A democratic government ruled Burma (Rangoon). Many people from Gujarat and Surat resided there. They were involved in business and were settled there very well. They assisted many great Madaris of India in terms of finance. Great Ulama were welcomed warmly into their midst and were highly honoured. Despite this, they were intoxicated with the love for wealth. They were greatly engrossed in it. People were engrossed in comforts and luxuries. They had abandoned the effort and sacrifice for Deen, and forgot the work of Da'wah. In 1964, a military revolution took place which wiped out their wealth and greatly affected the economy. Conditions were such that the people, who used to give Zakah, now became deserving of Zakah. They left the country bare footed, running for their lives. Prior to the revolution, Mawlana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, visited Burma. He delivered this lecture at the famous Surti Sunni Masjid, wherein he stirred and motivated them and reminded them of their primary duties. He warned them of the future dangers. Every word of his lecture is a lesson for the Muslims of the world today. Honorable Reader, please read repeatedly, reflect and act.

Means of security

Time is a valuable asset that is passing by. If you were to take out some time from your daily work and businesses for the effort of Da'wah, then Allah will reward you immensely, even in this world, and Jannah (paradise) awaits you in the Hereafter. On the other hand, if you do not occupy yourself in this effort, then I warn you that you will not be able to reside here. I do not make this statement as a politician, but rather using the divine light that Allah has granted each Mu'min (Believer). If you do not spare any time for the Deen of Allah, it will be difficult for you to stay in this country. Moreover, when that time comes, even your shops and factories will not be safe. Remember, the means for security comes from above. In some places and countries, the means for security are created from above. At other places, the Muslims efforts for Deen is the sole means for security. Their efforts strengthen Iman to such levels that Allah manifests His promises and it results in them gaining divine assistance. At that stage, no one can cause them any harm.

Initial intention

What was the initial intention of moving into Burma? You stepped foot into this country so that people of this nation may also produce great personalities through your

efforts. You came so that those ignorant of Allah, prostrate before Allah, their hearts illuminate with divine recognition and remembrance of Allah; those who were initially destined for the hellfire, save themselves and become worthy of the splendour and favours of Jannah. You took these people for granted. Rather than saving their souls and filling their bosoms, you started to take from them. You made them your customers, whereas you were sent as their messengers. If a teacher is employed at an institution to teach, but regards his students to be his customers, and keeps his eyes on their pockets to fill his own, it will be regarded an act of shame and disgrace. Similarly, you never came to this country to regard them as your customers; you came to give them the gift of guidance and prophetic knowledge. You came to guide them to Allah and to open the doors of Allah's mercy, but your own quests and businesses carried you away. Today you do not have a moment to spare from trading, building houses and mansions and advancing in your businesses. Allah surely never sent you for this. Can there be a better business (than calling towards Allah)?

Double role

O servants of Allah! 0 Muslims! You have been destined to be in this country. You people have a double role. If any unfortunate one is to leave the fold of Islam, all the people here will be held responsible. Respected friends and elders! This country of Burma has been left for us. It is a jungle of the creation of Allah that has been left in your care. The central purpose of you arriving in this country was not to eat, drink, run shops and businesses. Allah never sent you solely to resort to personal work, running businesses, so that you may earn and spend freely. Today, Allah has granted you such a big factory of human beings. He has made you from the wealthy people of these lands and has given you leadership . Guidance of the people of this country has also been entrusted to you. This country of seventeen million people known as Burma has been given to you from Allah and tomorrow you will be questioned.

Become 'Maniacs'!

What did you do? Allah sent you in this country with the responsibilities of increasing the Muslim nation, saving the servants of Allah from the torment of hellfire, taking out the people from the ignorant, animalistic life into the divine light and guidance of Allah, ultimately making them the chosen servants of Allah, deserving of Jannah and the mercy of Allah. You have been sent from everywhere to save them from the threat and dangers of

this world and the Hereafter while you kept thinking you came to earn. The obligation of the time - if Allah has granted you intelligence, even the slightest of intelligence, is to open your eyes, comprehend and understand that you cannot survive in this country without Islam. Become maniacs for once; throw yourselves into the fire of corruption so that people may become such strong, truthful Muslims who cannot be shaken by the greatest quakes and tornadoes. For this purpose, disperse throughout the country. Go from town to town, spreading the message of Allah. Portray Islamic manners and announce the words and teachings of Islam.

Seize the opportunity

For Allah's sake, do not give so much preference to your businesses as you are doing presently. Do something for the sake of Deen. Go from one corner to the other corner of the country and blow the trumpet of Islamic morality. Today, you have the opportunity, not knowing how long this opportunity will remain. If you utilize this excellent opportunity, then there will be means made, lnshaAllah, by Allah for not only the security of Deen, but advancement and progress of Deen. In this manner, your businesses, family and offspring will be safeguarded; you will be granted prosperity and honour in this country. It is not far-fetched that the reins of leadership are also placed in your hands, for leadership and control are tantamount to the soil that lies under the feet of the efforts exerted for the Deen of Allah. Honestly speaking and I am not exaggerating, if I had the power, I would have closed down all your shops, factories and businesses, not for a few months but for a few years and sent out all the people to involve themselves in the work of Da'wah. I would have told you not to worry about your homes. You would get food to eat, a few pairs of clothes to wear. If they were to be torn, patch them, and if your provisions were to run out, stay hungry, but continue the effort of Da'wah for ten years then you will see how work will flow. Two things, if carried out, would be sufficient. Making the Muslims firm, and the non-Muslims familiar to Islam, are the only two works. There is no third job. If you were to carry out these two duties, you will do yourselves a great favour.

Fall of Spain

The people of Spain never took up this work; consequently, they were driven out. Uncle was fighting with his nephew. Both claimants of the country fell prey to luxuries. They built buildings and competed in Masajid. A fort was built by the name of Al Hamra. 

whole city was built by the name of Madinatuz Zahra, by which tourists are amazed even today. In the eyes of Allah, these are not works of security. Those people did not occupy themselves in the effort of Da'wah and Tabligh. A historian writes that one of the reasons for the fall of the Muslims in Spain was due to their complete negligence of Da'wah and Tabligh. They forgot and were unmindful of the fact that majority of the population of the country were non-Muslims, namely, Christians. Their duty was to spread the message of Islam and to create such an environment that the possibility of the Muslims being driven out should not have even emerged. These servants of Allah did not have any concern of bringing them into the fold of Islam. The result was that they ended up in luxuries and weakening their own Iman. They became very weak and there was no one to come to their rescue. Ultimately, the promise of Allah was fulfilled and the time had arrived; they were ordered to leave. Allah did not consider their Masajid, the fort of Hamra, the Garden of Zahra, Garnatah, Qurtuba, nor Balansiyyah. There were great Qurra, Ulama, Huffaz, Awliya, Imams and Mujtahids that were born in these places but none of this saved them. The people did not adhere to the principle of life, to which Allah says,

'Undoubtedly Allah does not change the condition of a nation (the difficulties they face) until they change the condition within themselves (by behaving like proper Mu'minin. This is the rule)'. [Surah Ra'ad 13:11]

Demand of the time

Therefore, Friends, this is the demand of the time. These factories, workers, shops, businesses, leadership, etc, will all remain. Remain assured, these things will stay and not be taken away; just make some effort for a few days, take out time and strengthen the foundations of Islam. Expand the sphere of Islam, then lnshaAllah, this country is yours. There will be no danger and I can openly say that this country will be yours. Allah says in the Holy Qur'an,
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