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Masail Of Taraweeh

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Q. What is the status of Taraweeh in Islam?

A. It is Sunnatul Muakkadah (emphasised practice) for Muslim males to perform twenty Raka'ts of Taraweeh in congregation. If the entire community omits performing Taraweeh in congregation, all will be sinful.

Q. Is it permissible to forego Taraweeh and is there Qaza for missing the Taraweeh?

A. A person may be excused from Taraweeh due to a valid reason e.g. sickness, travel etc. However, to deliberately forego the Taraweeh without a valid Shar'i reason is impermissible. There is no Qaza for missing Taraweeh.

Q. Is it necessary to complete the recitation of the entire Quran in Taraweeh Salah?

A. It is Sunnah to complete the recitation of the entire Quran at least once in Taraweeh. The Imam should perform the Rakats at an average length and recite at a good pace for the ease of the congregation.

Q. On which date should the recitation of the Quran be completed?

A. It is preferable to complete the Quran on the twenty seventh night of Ramadan. However, it is permissible to complete the Quran on any night of Ramadan. Taraweeh should continue to be performed normally till the end of the month.

Q. Is the validity of Taraweeh dependent on the validity of Esha Salah?

A. Yes. If it is determined after Taraweeh that the Esha Salah was invalid due to a certain reason, both the Esha and Taraweeh will be repeated.

Q. Is it necessary to recite Bismillah aloud during the Taraweeh Salah?

A. According to the Hanafi School, the Imam should recite Bismillah aloud, in the same tone that he is reciting the rest of the Quran, once only in Taraweeh. This could be done at the beginning of any Surah.

Q. Is it permissible to appoint a boy who has not attained buloogh to lead the Taraweeh Salah?

A. It is impermissible to appoint a boy who has not attained buloogh (i.e. he has not yet reached puberty) to lead the Taraweeh. However, if those following him also have not reached puberty, it will be permissible.

Q. What is the method of performing Sajdatut Tilawah in Salah?

A. Sajdatut Tilawah shall be made after reciting the Ayat of Sajdah. The method is that one recites the Takbeer and then goes down into Sajdah. The Tasbeeh – Subhana Rabbiyal A'la - will be recited at least three times. Thereafter, one will stand up and continue with the recitation.

Q. How soon should Sajdatut Tilawah be made after it's recitation in Salah?

A. Sajdatut Tilawah should be performed immediately upon recitation the Ayat (verse) of Sajdah. If the Imam recites more than three Ayaat (verses) after the Ayat of Sajdah and did not perform the Sajdah, the opportunity for that Sajdatut Tilawah will elapse irretrievably. The only recourse is Taubah and Istighfar.

Q. What should be done if the Imam performs three Raka'ts instead of two?

A. If the Imam stands up for the third Raka't without sitting for Tashahhud then he should return to Tashahhud as soon as he remembers and make Sajdah Sahw and complete the Salah as long as he has not made Sajdah for the third Raka't. If he has made Sajdah for the third Raka't then he should continue and perform the fourth Raka't. Thereafter, he should repeat the first two Raka'ts which became null and void. The second two will be considered as valid Raka'ts of Taraweeh. If he has made Salaam after three Rak'ats then too he should repeat the two Raka'ts. The Qirat should be repeated as well for the khatam, to be complete.

Q. Is it permissible to accept gifts for leading the Taraweeh ?

A. It is not permissible to accept any form of payment for performing Taraweeh. By taking worldly reward or remuneration, the rewards earned for performing Taraweeh will be lost.

Q. Is it permissible to appoint a Hafiz who shaves or trims his beard less than the required length to lead the Taraweeh Salah?

A. It is not permissible to shave or trim the beard to less than a fist length. Therefore, it is not permissible to appoint such a person as the Imam. Those who appoint such a person as the Imam will be sinful. However, the Salah will be valid.

Q. many people are in the habit of sitting idly and waiting for the Imam to go into Ruku for the first Rak'at. Is this correct?

A. This is not correct. It resembles the manner of the hypocrites.

Q. If a person heard the Imam recite the Ayat of Sajdah out of Salah, but joins the Salah before Ruku for that Rak'at, when does he make Sajdah?

A. If he then joins the Imam in the same Rak'at before ruku, the Sajdatut Tilawah of the Muqtadi will also be fulfilled. If the Muqtadi missed the Rak'at in which the Sajdah was made, he should the make the Sajdah outside Salah for the recitation which he heard.

Q. Is there any possibility of reduction in the number of Raka'ts for Taraweeh ?

A. Twenty Raka'ts of Taraweeh was performed by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and the practice of twenty Raka'ts has continued in the Ummah for centuries. Today, twenty Raka'ts Taraweeh is performed in all major Masajid in the world including the two Holiest Masjids in Islam in Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah.

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