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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 13:19

“Driver, 17, ploughs into site workers"

Dear Editor

The article “Driver, 17, ploughs into site workers,” The Mercury, Monday, 31 August 2015 refers.

The carnage on our roads continues unabated.

The spate of accidents referred to in the article, with both critical injuries and fatalities, are indeed a sad reality of daily life for all commuters in our country.

In cases where accidents are a result of unlicensed or reckless drivers the full extent of the law must be applied.

President Jacob Zuma’s call for caution and strict adherence to the rules by road users after the tragic death of 30 people in the Eastern Cape must be heeded.

The relevant law enforcement and road traffic authorities need not only to start an aggressive and visible campaign of road traffic law enforcement in our country but also to maintain this as an on-going culture in our society.

Tuesday, 01 September 2015

SENT TO: The Mercury

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

*PUBLISHED: The Mercury, Thursday, 03 September 2015

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