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Welfare Department


Guided by the wise adage "The best of people are the best for people!"

Darul Ihsan's Welfare Department endeavours to assist the poor and destitute people around Durban and districts. The Welfare Department is called the "Muslim Empowerment Fund." For those who are desperate and have nothing, anything is everything!
The Welfare Department oversees the disbursement of aid to its permanent clients as well as recipients of temporary help. The Welfare Department also conducts various humanitarian projects, empowerment projects and disaster relief projects.

  • Regular Assistance: Approximately R300 000.00 per month was spent in the form of food hampers, payment towards rent, electricity, empowerment projects, school fees, furniture, etc.
  • Stationery Packs are distributed to schools in the greater Durban area to the most deserving and needy students.
  • Bursary given to deserving students at tertiary level and at Muslim schools. This is due to the importance that Darul Ihsan places on education as the best empowerment strategy for the country.
  • A vehicle was acquired to do regular home visits and delivering of food hampers to the respective homes

A full time investigating assessor who visits the homes of applicants to assess whether they are eligible for Zakaat and the extent of help required by them. The investigating assessor verifies the following information of all applicants:

1. correct address
2. living conditions
3. income and expenditure
4. health condition
5. Islamic environment
6. employment and skills
7. reason for application, etc.

  • Humanitarian Projects

The Humanitarian Projects of Darul Ihsan comprise of a number of projects to assist the most vulnerable and destitute of society. The following projects are a few:

“Feed a Pupil” Project:
The “Feed a Pupil” feeding scheme provides prepared sandwiches to hungry pupils at local state schools who are extremely poor and destitute. Over 40 000 sandwiches were prepared monthly for distribution to 60 schools in the greater Durban area. The sandwiches are prepared by housewives, individuals and businesses volunteering and sponsoring the preparation of the sandwiches. May Allah reward them all. Each sandwich packet has the "Muslim Empowerment Fund" logo printed on, which denotes that this is a goodwill gesture on behalf of the Muslim community. This project is well acknowledged by the schools and many letters of gratitude are received from the Principals of the schools. Read More

“Feed a Patient” Project:
This project is specifically aimed at hospitals, clinics, old-age homes and homes for the disabled, orphanages, special schools and care centers. Pre-packed biscuits are provided to patients and mainly to children at these institutions in the greater Durban area. Over 16 000 biscuit packs were supplied on a monthly basis to 27 institutions of care. Read More

“Feed a Madrasah Pupil” Project:
This feeding scheme primarily targets Madrasahs that need support to provide sandwiches to their pupils. Bread and filling are supplied to the Madrasahs; and on a daily basis, staff of the Madrasah assist in making the sandwiches.

Ihsan Feeding Scheme:
Freshly cooked meals specially prepared in large pots (each pot serves approx.120 people) were prepared three times a week and served at distribution points in the Inanda, Lindelane and Kwa Mashu suburbs of Durban.

In addition, Darul Ihsan in its quest to feed people, organises feeding schemes for institutions of learning, special homes and care centers. The ingredients for the preparation of the meals are supplied by Darul Ihsan. However, the preparation of the meals and the feeding is undertaken by the institution/centre assisted by parents, trustees, volunteers and members of the community.

“Talk to a Pupil” Project:
This is a life orientation program designed to address pupils at schools and educational centres. A variety of general and specific topics are conducted on human values, etiquette of social life, cultural refinement, environmental issues, morals, etc. All programs are conducted during school hours with a variation of times ranging from a ten-minute assembly talk to a four-hour program at different schools.

“Feed a Family” Project:
To many, a loaf of bread means a full meal and at times the only food on the table is a few slices of bread. In the light of these dire conditions, Darul Ihsan has recently initiated the “Sponsor a Loaf” feeding scheme. Bread is supplied to schools that have requested additional help whereby learners take food home due to the extreme poverty conditions at home.

"Radio Islam" Project:
Darul Ihsan has undertaken to distribute radio receivers to the underprivileged, thus empowering them with the knowledge of the fundamentals of Deen, which is broadcasted over the Islamic radio stations. From the Azaan for Salah to the Fiqh Q and A, these receivers have proven a very useful learning resource, especially for the females at home. The installations are outsourced to reputable technicians in the field.

”Home Improvement” Project:
Homes in advanced stages of dilapidation and required repairs to make them habitable from a safety and hygiene point.

During the course of the year, substantial quantities of commodities were distributed to the needy such as:
1. Full Cream Milk Powder
2. Bottled water
3. Clothing including school uniforms and shoes
4. Weekly meat distribution
5. Pre-packed biscuits, etc.



  • Mahr Fatimi: R19 959.53
  • Minimum Mahr: R399.19
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R7983.81
  • Fidya: R20.00

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